System XL3 : V-TC

The V-TC interface is an electronic case which converts SMPTE signal Time Code recorded on an audio support (Compact Disk, audio software, DAT, minidisk …) in a time code signal directly understood by the XL3 control unit. It also adapts output audio level (from headphone, line out) to normalized Time Code protocol.

If the control unit is programmed in slave mode (Time Code receiver), it is synchronized by external audio support. In this case, with audio player’s commands FWD RTN pause, the control unit is automatically re-synchronised on the audio signal. The three protocols (24, 25 & 30 frames per sec) are all recognized by the V-TC interface and the XL3 control unit. Many control units could be connected on this interface and they both will be synchronized on an only signal.

Most of audio software like Samplitude® can generates an audio SMPTE signal Time Code in one audio track, it becomes easy creating a track of synchronisation.

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