System XL3 : V-SPLIT

The V-SPLIT is a box to used on site with the following functions :

  • Wireless transmitter/receiver, which can also be used with cables.
  • 5 data outputs to connect the V-BOX
  • In wire mode, it repeats the information frame coming from the XL3 control unit, refreshing the input signal, and sending it to 5 outputs. It is also a power-booster which generate the necessary power to supply the V-BOX in case of long data cable distances.
  • In wireless mode (HF), it provides power supply to the V-BOX and allows the transmission of all signals coming from the control unit to the V-BOX.

Tests from the control unit allow the technicians to check its good operation (status of batteries, frequency changes, address of each V-SPLIT ...). It can also be used in both directions.

Bright information indicators inform you of the V-SPLIT state (green led for power on, red led for frequency changes and weak batteries). The V-SPLIT has 2 reload batteries which provide the necessary supply to the connected V-BOX.

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