System XL3 : Extension V-CONTROL

The control unit’s extension offers many possibilities to operate during the running of the show, Your creativity makes you operate during the display, to shoot manuals sequences according to your inspiration, or to shoot in manual automatic sequences that you want to anticipate

Several LCD backlight screens display the running of your show.

During the firing design via the software or by modifications of the file uploaded in the control unit, you can choose to set sequences or pyrotechnics waves in manual mode for your show. At shooting time, all theses informations are released on the backlight screens. You have in front of you a complete view of the display’s progress.

Each V-CONTROL’s backlight screen shows the following informations :

- next sequence’s number
- satellites box’s number and firing cue’s number
- firing timing (HH:MM:SS:Frame)
- pyrotechnics fired product’s type.

Each associated activate button allows the user to fire the displayed sequence which been programmed manually or automaticaly. If yon don't activate the firing of a manual sequence, in displayed timing, this sequence move to a special whole of 4 backlight screens that you can activate whenever you want. The display system advances and sights new sequences according to the running of the show. 4 spares lines are provided every time to compensate a failure of a firing cue.

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