System XL3 : V-BOX

The V-BOX is an aluminium case measuring 11x 6 x 3 inches. It contains 16 terminal type connections.

Each V-BOX is given its position by 2 thumbwheel switches.

Two Neutrik XLR style audio connectors make it possible a reliable connection between each V-BOX and with the XL3 control unit and the connected V_SPLIT.

The V-BOX’s power is supplied by the control unit or by a V-SPLIT, this provides additional security for technicians during the installation.

The position of a V-BOX is coded in hexadecimal form, from 00 to FE, and each line of each V-BOX is numbered from 0 to F.

The V-BOX(es) are equiped with high performance electronics, allowing it to process the digital information coming from the control unit (power on, programming, continuity testing, power testing, firings...)

There are 255 possible positions from 00 to FE. Cue’s numbers follow the same logic. So a cue called « AC2 » is connected to the V-BOX address AC in connector number 2.

Each individually positionned V-BOX can send to the XL3 control unit the status of its own cues, the voltage level on its data cable, as well as uploaded program, and by doing so it make it possible a total control of the satellites receptors from the control unit.


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