Control unit XL3

Functional Characteristics

Create your show with V-SOUND-XL3 software or directly on the VEGA-XL3 control unit.

Design firing sequences and pyrotechnic waves in a special dedicated window.

Assign fire lines and pyrotechnic products with data base.

Synchronize the whole display with your stereo soundtracks.

Program and generate the show file and load it in a SD-memory card .

On firing site, place all V-BOX satellites, each providing 16 outputs for igniters. Each satellite generates 50 volts of firing power and has an only address established by 2 thumbwheel switches.

Communicate via cable and/or HF with V-BOX satellites.

Specifics boxes on site, V-SPLIT, take part of regenerative repeater, dispatcher, and HF transmitter-receiver in case of a radio frequency communication between the control unit VEGA-XL3 and the satellites V-BOX.

The whole system communicate via digital links (3 wire cables and/or HF), and allows to know the state of each V-BOX and each igniters line. It is also possible to carry out different tests from the control unit. Firing system synchronisation is done with an internal or an external time code (TC) or with SMPTE time code. The firing resolution is about 40 ms if the TC (time code) is set on 25 frames per second.

XL3 control unit has 2 synchronization modes :

  • It can generate its own TC for the firing sequences and synchronise other systems: Lights, Laser, and Video…
  • It can also receive the TC from an external source and become slave for this other system. In this configuration it is possible to synchronise many XL3 units together.

Any time before firing, it’s possible to add, remove or filter any line and any V-BOX. For complete autonomy, XL3 control unit manages the firing and the audio playback.

V-BOX have a serious asset, its have not internal power but are supplied by the control unit, or the V-SPLIT, thought the data cable. The communication is completely bi-directional though cables or HF. All the functions, programming, continuity testing, arming and many other tests are done from the XL3 console.

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